Our Mission

At Saints Healthcare Services, we provide an important, needed service to our clients, their families and our community. We have a positive, service-oriented view of our agency. It is because of this deep dedication to these views that our company is where it is
today - growing because of our care and dedication to others. We pride ourselves on being providers of caring, reliable, competent, quality private care.


Saints Healthcare Services was started unofficially in 1982 by Mrs. St. Lawrence Parks. Originally, her vision was to provide care to families in the area. Whether the care was provided in a home, hospital or facility, St. Lawrence was diligently dedicated to their needs and to providing the best care possible. In doing so, her reputation preceded her and purely by word of mouth she suddenly had too much work for her and her two daughters to handle. She began seeking and creating caregivers who were competent, professional and dedicated to the same level of care she was known for. She taught her caregivers to value the same high standards she held for giving the best in care to families and their loved ones.

Saints Healthcare Services was officially established as a company in January of 2005 by her daughter, Ms. Linda P. Robinson. As we approach 30 years of impeccable service, we have built a reputation for delivering unbeatable care and comfort.

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